Appearance Is Important

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Appearance is important, a humorous story of Nasreddin

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Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim

Nasreddin was a man who was so diligent to take a pray to God that sometimes he forgot to earn a living. Of course, his wife got angry with him.

She said, “Okay, I think you have prayed to God for a long time. Now we don’t have anything to eat, because you don’t work. Ask for some money from God”.

Nasreddin thought his wife might be right. Then he went to the backyard and prayed in order that God gave him some money. He said, “My Lord, give me 100 gold coins. I think I deserve it because I have prayed for a long time”.

His neighbour was a rich but stingy man. He heard Nasreddin’s prayer. He went to his backyard and saw Nasreddin from there. He smiled because he thought that Nasreddin did a foolish thing. He wanted to make fun of him. He went into his house quickly to take 100 silver coins. The he threw the 100 silver coins to Nasreddin head.

The rich man smiled to see Nasreddin thanked God for the money. And Nasreddin was also very happy because he got 100 coins even though he prayed for gold coins. He thought that silver coins were better than nothing.

Nasreddin took the money and gave some to his wife. He used the rest to trade several cheap things. Later although he was still poor but he got some profit that was enough to buy something for his house. He bought some beautiful furniture for his house. Seeing these all, the rich stingy neighbour envied him very much. He wanted to get his money back.

“Nasreddin, when you prayed to ask some money several months ago, I heard you. Then I threw you 100 silver coins. It was me who gave you the money, not God. Because now you have bought some furniture with that money, I think you have to give the furniture to me” said the neighbour some day.

“No, I won’t give them to you, because I didn’t ask you for some money. If you gave me some, it’s your business, it’s not mine. The money was mine” answered he.

The neighbour brought the case to the court. He reported that Nasreddin had faulted on a loan agreement between them.

The day for the trial was determined. On the day the neighbour picked Nasreddin up. He wore a long luxurious cloak and rode a beautiful horse.

Nasreddin said, “It’s not fair for me to go to the court in these shabby clothes. I would say that the judge would think that I’m wrong just because I’m a poor man to cheat others because he needs money”.

“So, what do you want ?” Asked the neighbour.

“The court will be fair if only you lend me your cloak and horse. If I dress in that cloak, the judges will not judge me just because my poverty. Appearance Is Important” said he.

The rich neighbour got down from his horse. He gave the horse to Nasreddin. He put off his cloak and lent it to Nasreddin too. Then they went to the courthouse.

The defendant, Nasreddin, was asked to come forward first. Nasreddin’s appearance is very convincing

“What do you think of the accusation ?” asked the judge.

Nasreddin answered, “The man was a little bit insane, Your Honour. So, we should not think of whatever he says, including the accusation”.

“Can you prove it ?” asked the judge.

“Yes, Sir. The symptom is he always says that everything in this world belongs to him, including my horse and this cloak”.

“But, they are really mine. You borrowed them from me this morning !” the rich man shouted.

“That’s the proof !” said Nasreddin.

The judge believe that the rich man was insane. Then Nasreddin was set free from the charge.


Alhamdulillahi robbil ‘alamin


Source : The Humorous Stories of Nasreddin

Retold By Sugeng Hariyanto




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