How God Punished a Naughty Boy

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Naughty boy and How the God punished him (The Humorous Story).

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Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim

Nasreddin was very patient and could get along well with both children and adults. One of children was very naughty. He did not respect adults and often teased other children.

One day he went to the coffee shop where Nasreddin and his adult friends usually gathered and chatted together. He came to see Nasreddin and asked for some money. Nasreddin gave him little money. He did not thank him, but slapped Nasreddin’s head so hard that his turban fell down to the ground. Then the boy ran away. But Nasreddin was not angry with him. He said nothing and took his turban and put it back on his head.

“What a naughty boy !” whispered one of his friends.

The next day the boy came to see Nasreddin again. But Nasreddin had no money at that time. The boy got angry and slapped Nasreddin’s head again and his turban rolled down to the floor. The boy ran away. Nasreddin calmly took his turban and put it back on his head. The next day the boy came again to the cofee shop and did same thing he had done the day before.

“Nasreddin, the boy was too naughty. Why don’t you catch and punish him ?” asked one of his friends.

“That’s not a good way. Besides, the time has not come yet” he answered.

“What do you mean ?” asked another friend.

“Just wait and see. God will punish him Himself” Answered Nasreddin.

The next morning Nasreddin’s friend, who was now a big and strong soldier, visited him. Nasreddin invited him to go to the coffee shop together to have a cup of coffee. Nasreddin told his friend to sit on the chair he usually sat.

A moment later, the naughty boy came and slapped the soldier’s head from behind. The soldier was startled and angry with the boy. He got up quickly and ran after the boy. He was able to catch the boy easily. The people inside the coffee shop could see how the soldier slapped the boy many times.

Nasreddin said to his friend, “That’s what I said to you yesterday. Just wait and see. God will do justice Himself to the boy”.


Alhamdulillaahi robbil ‘alamiin

Source : The Humorous Stories of Nasreddin

Retold By Sugeng Hariyanto




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